Wholesaler Certifying Process:

Finding the BEST Wholesalers for our Wholesale Directory

We have very high standards. Many of the Suppliers, Dropshippers, Wholesaler Distributors and Liquidators we find don't make the cut. Each and every Wholesaler listed in our database must be the Genuine Factory-Direct Certified Wholesaler for the products they carry. Legitimate retailers need legitimate wholesalers so that's all we ever list. We also make certain that ALL Certified Wholesalers we list WILL work with online businesses who sell from home. And with the rise in success of selling products online our over 8,000 Certified Wholesalers are eager for new internet sellers which makes NOW a great time to start a business from home!


The advantages to working directly with a certified, genuine Wholesaler are simple:


1. Certified Wholesalers DO NOT charge monthly fees or bogus 'setup' fees.
This is only done by middlemen pretending to be wholesalers. Middlemen 'wholesalers' you find online will cost you a fortune in setup fees, monthly fees and inflate the 'wholesale prices' so high you will never be able to make a sale. Certified Wholesalers are FREE to work with and will never charge you to sell their products.

2. Certified Wholesalers ALWAYS give true wholesale pricing.
A certified Wholesaler works directly with the Manufacturer of that product. Their job is to distribute products to real Retailers so everyone in the supply chain makes money. If they don't give true wholesale pricing then their Retailers can't make sales and will stop trying to sell the product. Certified Wholesalers know this and give you (the Retailer) the best deal they can.



Finding quality certified Wholesalers that Dropship (ship to the customer for you) and  are willing to work with online sellers is our job and we've been doing it for over a decade. And without sounding too proud, we are really good at what we do! At our parent company (Worldwide Brands ) we've got a dedicated Research Staff who's job is locating genuine Wholesalers, talking directly to them (even visiting some of their warehouses) to ensure they are the real deal.   


A quick look at our Certification Process:



We attend major Wholesale Tradeshows!

Going to major Wholesale Tradeshows across the United States and around the world is expensive, but that's where you find the best Certified Wholesalers. These are the same wholesalers used by professional brick & mortar retail stores. We make sure you connect your online business with only the best factory-direct suppliers.  







We Certify Each & Every Wholesaler!

Our industry leading qualification process ensures that your business is connected to top wholesalers with REAL wholesale prices. We build personal relationships with all of our Wholesalers. They know they are listed in our database and look forward to opening FREE wholesale accounts with online sellers.







We List Them In Our Database!

Over 8,000 Certified Wholesalers (Dropshippers, Light Bulk & Volume Wholesalers) have been added to our database and we add new Wholesalers every week; all year long. So our database is constantly growing with more wholesalers' products for you to sell online. Our quick account setup feature makes it easy for you to set up free accounts with listed wholesalers. In addition, we include valuable market research data on every single product carried by our Wholesalers.

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