Sell From Home using Certified Wholesalers!

1. Be Professional.

If you use the Wholesale Directory at our parent company, Worldwide Brands   then keep in mind you will be working with actual certified Wholesalers. These are the same suppliers that work with retail chains around the USA and are accustomed to a certain amount of professionalism from retailers. Remember, even if you are an individual selling from home that doesn't mean you're not a legitimate retailer. So being professional and courteous with your supplier is appreciated.

Note: Don't be worried if you are a new seller just trying to get started. The members area of our Wholesale Directory has all of the necessary training videos (for FREE) to help get you up to speed on working directly with Wholesalers (which, by the way, is the ONLY way to get the best wholesale prices!)


2. You DON'T need a website yet.

A lot of people who start selling from home think they need to have a website, domain names and everything they can get ready up front before setting up a wholesale product account with a Wholesaler Distributor. Not a good idea.

Certified Wholesalers do not charge money to retailers to set up an account. You are not saving money by waiting. In fact, you can spend more money and waste time by not getting your Wholesaler first. For example, if you set up a "Betty's Beauty Shop Supplies" online store, register the domain, design a cool logo and etc., then decide it would be a better business decision to go a whole new direction and start "Betty's Pet Store Supplies" instead,  then all of that work and money spent is for nothing. Setup an account with a Wholesaler, so you know you have a supplier locked in, then start building your website or setting up your auctions.


3. You DO Need to be Legal.

This is the part that separates the people who sell from home and actually make money and the people that don't. In order to get real wholesale prices you have to work with certified wholesaler distributors. They're the only type of wholesaler authorized by the manufacturer to give actual wholesale prices to retailers. In order to work with certified wholesalers you need to get a tax id...


a) Register a Business Name: It doesn't matter if you only plan to sell "a few things" on eBay, Amazon or sell casually part time with an online store just to make a little extra money, in order to get the lowest possible wholesale prices on the products you want to sell you have to have proof that you are a registered business. You want to pick a name that is generic. Don't make it about a product because you may end up changing your mind on what you sell later on down the road. So pick a non-product related business name like "Smith Enterprises" or have fun and come up with something like "Zippity-Do Products". It's up to you. The easiest way to register your business name is to simply call your local county clerks office which you can find online or in your phone book and follow their instructions.

b) Write down your Tax ID: Once you register your business in the county you live in you'll be issued a Tax ID (also known as...Sellers Permits, Resellers Certificate and etc.). Having a registered business name and tax id is proof that you are a genuine retailer and instantly grants you actual wholesale prices with certified Wholesalers.


Sound like too much work? If it does then you don't need to be selling products from home yet because getting a Tax ID is one of the easiest things you will be doing in order to make money online selling products.


Don't let the idea of "getting legal" scare you. It doesn't mean you are going to be in over your head. You just have to register a business name, even if you work from home, in order to set up accounts with certified wholesalers.  If you want to make money selling from home on the internet you have to do it. And once it's done you can open up as many different websites and stores as you want under the legal protection of your 1 registered business.


Even if this is all so new to you that it makes you nervous, don't worry. You can start off slow at your own pace. That's one of the great things about selling online, you can take as much time as you need to get started. Most professional internet sellers started an online store or started selling on eBay and Amazon auctions to just make a little bit of extra money on the side. They have a family, kids to take care of and even a day-job. So they started slow and then began making extra money with their online sales.


The more serious they got, the more money they made and there are lot's of people who now sell from home fulltime and make a very good living being their own boss. 


Get started today selling products from Certified Wholesalers!
Our Wholesale Directory includes video tutorials for beginners, an amazing sell at home forum and access to MILLIONS of true wholesale products to sell!


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